The file sharing for financial organizations

File Sharing for financial services and banking industries


Financial services and banking industries play a critical role in the economy and handle sensitive data requiring high security standards and secure digital archiving solutions. Supervision rules, international rules compliance, Sarbanes-Oxley reporting, Basel 3 documents. It is always essential to keep control over financial data.

LiveBox is the private solution providing the best protection available in an online file sharing system. The high security level, availability on all popular mobile platforms and collaboration features make LiveBox an excellent platform for the highly regulated corporate environment.


File sharing in the context of confidential documents


All financial services need a reliable system to share confidential documents such as reports and financial statements. Traditional file sharing solutions like e-mail, FTP servers and USB pen drives have serious security issues and their use is often prohibited by standing security regulations and  responsible authorities.

LiveBox offers a secure and compliant platform, capable of sharing content of any type and size. LiveBox users can create shared folders with fine-grained access control useful for collaboration and information sharing purposes. LiveBox can also share single files and to set up expiration dates on the shared content, setting administrator, reading and editing permissions, and even choose the maximum number of times content can be downloaded before expiring.

This kind of controlled sharing coupled with Enterprise grade data security (based on AES and RSA technologies integrated in the solution) allows financial services to adhere to strict corporate policies and stringent government regulations while gaining security and flexibility.


Permission based File and folder access


Accessing content remotely is a necessity for many financial services employees, but this is often achieved through firewalls and VPNs resulting in complex, delicate and high maintenance solutions. LiveBox solves this problem by offering a secure access to content online using the user’s own authentication credentials thanks to integration with Identity Management systems based on LDAP (Active Directory, OpenLdap), essentially offering Single Sign On services.

No matter where you log in from or what platform you are using (web browser, desktop client, smartphone and tablet apps): the employees are always authenticated in compliance to your specific authentication policies. LiveBox also ensures strong user isolation, no employee, including the system administrators, can access other user’s data, ensuring privacy and compliance for all corporate data.


Online storage and safe recovery


Banks and financial companies require safe repositories to store their critical corporate data, often over extended periods of time. this data storage must be protected at all stages to ensure compliance with banking regulations.

Using LiveBox from the perspective of the end user, employees are always authenticated using the centrally managed credentials and can only access authorized content.

All files are encrypted and transferred over encrypted connections, ensuring complete communication protection. Additionally, all files and previous versions of files can be easily recovered at any time ensuring business continuity and change tracking, through versioning and deleted content management.


Complete control and visibility


LiveBox meets the security needs of financial companies, providing complete control over folder access and real time visibility of all user activity. System administrators can disable the accounts according to necessity (for example when an employee changes role while remaining in the same organization) as well as disabling access to the system from a specific device (for example a lost or stolen device).

Data use, file history and user activities can be supervised with complete audits and reports. Additionally LiveBox provides administrators with a rich set of controls like management notifications , storage, user groups creation, external user management, so that temporary users can participate effectively in all required activities of the financial organization.