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Hybrid cloud: discover more

To understand hybrid cloud, it is important to understand the basics of cloud computing services, its models – software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) – and deployment methods – private, … Read More

Amnesty releases an anti-spying software

Amnesty releases an anti-spying software

The Detekt software was needed as standard anti-virus programs often missed spying software, it said. Amnesty said many governments used sophisticated spying tools that could grab images from webcams or listen via microphones to monitor people. It wants to see … Read More

Microsoft fixes 19-year-old bug

Microsoft fixes 19-year-old bug

IBM researchers discovered the flaw, which affects Windows and Office products, in May this year – but worked with Microsoft to fix the problem before going public. The bug had been present in every version of Windows since 95, IBM … Read More

Microsoft, announced Windows 10

After the disappointment of Windows 8, Microsoft has skipped 9 and announced its next OS will be Windows 10 — and it will have the Start button that Windows 8 dropped to the dismay of many. In an event in … Read More


How to improve your cloud infrastructure

Now that we’re seeing intense competition in the cloud infrastructure market, each of the vendors is looking for as many ways to differentiate itself as possible. Big wallets are required to build the infrastructure and picking the right locations to … Read More

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Story of Dropbox and a lethal bug

The following report describes a bad experience of a guy with Dropbox: An user, Jan, started using Dropbox back in 2009 and has always loved the service. Over time, he kept moving more and more files to his Dropbox folder … Read More