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US, alert after ModPos malware warning

Security experts are warning of a major new sophisticated POS malware framework which could wreak havoc among US retailers as they head into the busy Black Friday shopping period. The so-called “ModPos” malware has already been targeted at US retailers … Read More

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Android users warned of trojanized adware

Security researchers are warning of a new epidemic of 20,000 repackaged apps injected with trojanized Android adware designed to root users’ smartphones. Lookout Security claimed that some of the most popular apps on Google Play including Facebook, Okta, Twitter and WhatsApp … Read More

Dridex malware used to raid bank accounts

Criminal gangs are using a new piece of harmful malware called Dridex to steal bank account details from both individuals and businesses, the National Crime Agency is warning. It’s been used to steal an estimated £20 million in the UK … Read More

Wordpress websites hacked

WordPress websites hacked

The Russians are at it again. Online security firm Sucuri has said it has detected a malware called SoakSoak which has infected over 100,000 WordPress (WP) Sites since last Sunday. According to Sucuri, the malware uses a vulnerability in a … Read More

Symantec uncovers a new malware

Symantec uncovers a new malware

An advanced piece of malware has been uncovered, which has been in use as far back as 2008 to spy on governments, companies and individuals, Symantec said in a report released Sunday. The Regin cyberespionage tool uses several stealth features … Read More