Iranians hacked into New York dam

Iranian hackers penetrated the computers controlling a dam near New York, reveals the Wall Street Journal. The 2013 attack did no damage but revealed information about how computers running the flood control system worked, said the paper. Hackers working for … Read More


Government spies Twitter users

Twitter is warning some users that they may be the target of security breaches by “state-sponsored actors.” The microblogging service sent emails to an unknown number of users warning that hackers may be trying to obtain phone numbers, email addresses … Read More

Hacker attack cybersecurity LiveBox blog

Hackers attacked routers through browsers

Cybercriminals have developed a Web-based attack tool to hijack routers on a large scale when users visit compromised websites or view malicious advertisements in their browsers. The goal of these attacks is to replace the DNS (Domain Name System) servers … Read More

Insider trading, the realm of hackers

A group of cyberspies have broken into more than 100 publicly traded companies and stolen crucial corporate information, according to a report by cybersecurity firm FireEye. The highly sophisticated hackers uncovered merger discussions, secret product pipelines and potential legal troubles, … Read More