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US privacy protections are inadequate

Europe’s highest court today ruled that Facebook cannot send personal information on European users to data centers in the US, invalidating a 15-year trans-Atlantic data transfer agreement. In a decision that could have far-reaching implications for many US tech companies, … Read More

Facebook is testing Self Destructing posts

Facebook is experimenting with a new mobile feature that allows you to schedule posts that vanish after a set amount of time. The Next Web’s Paul Sawers first spotted the experiment in Facebook’s iOS app, which company reps later confirmed: “We’re running a small pilot … Read More

Buy button now also on twitter

Buy button now also on Twitter!

After Facebook, that recently has been testing a “buy” button on its website that will let consumers purchase products that are advertised on its network (Facebook buy button), also Twitter Inc is testing a “buy” button in some tweets that … Read More

Facebook: added a buy button

Facebook: added a buy button

Shopping addicts be warned. A brand new way of spending  money is on our way, and all thanks to Facebook. Facebook, the social network by definition is in fact testing a “buy” button, strategically placed on adverts for products. This … Read More

Facebook Hires From PayPal

Facebook Hires From PayPal

It couldn’t be any plainer if it were in a post by Mark Zuckerberg himself: Facebook, which was built on the idea that people want to share information with dozens of friends and acquaintances, is getting serious about more private communications. On … Read MoreRead More