Public Cloud VS Private Cloud

Private. This is one of LiveBox’s core strengths. We’re private, secure and simple, but even though the vast majority of the big players in the cloud business are secure and simple as well, few of them are private. Let’s consider Google Drive and DropBox, … Read More

With LiveBox you can

As a result of  the latest attack to Dropbox by hackers, Public Cloud security is in jeopardy. If you keep private documents stored in a public cloud services, you are exposed to a risk: an unauthorized person may access your … Read More

dropbox3 #

Story of Dropbox and a lethal bug

The following report describes a bad experience of a guy with Dropbox: An user, Jan, started using Dropbox back in 2009 and has always loved the service. Over time, he kept moving more and more files to his Dropbox folder … Read More