Android Multifunction adapter part 4

A big hello to all the readers of the LiveBox blog, this is the last article in the Multifunction adapter series. In this article we will create an abstract multifunction adapter. We can use the adapter with different objects and also improve … Read More

dropbox3 #

Story of Dropbox and a lethal bug

The following report describes a bad experience of a guy with Dropbox: An user, Jan, started using Dropbox back in 2009 and has always loved the service. Over time, he kept moving more and more files to his Dropbox folder … Read More


iOS 8 beta fix for WhatsApp crashes

iOS 8 Beta WhatsApp users got a problem. Though the beta tag itself means there will be bugs and crashes but the worst problems are broken apps. Many apps have been affected by the beta release of iOS, and WhatsApp is one of … Read More

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LiveBox and the new Material Design

Google has just revealed a new design language for Android, Chrome OS, and the web called Material Design. The new look includes splashes of color, refreshed iconography, typography, and a more consistent interface hierarchy. The entire interface is based on what … Read More