Need to share picture or data with your coworkers but you are in vacation? Never mind. With LiveBox on your smartphone or tablet, you can access your files whenever you need them. That’s because whenever you save a file to your Livebox, it’s automatically available on all of your devices with the mobile app installed.
So if you’re on the move — and you need to look at your corporate data or quickly review a paperwork — there’s no need to wait until you get back to your computer. Just consult the files from your mobile device. And if you want to send the files to a friend or coworker, all you have to do is create and send a shared link — right from the LiveBox app on your phone or tablet.

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With LiveBox you can chose writing/reading and admin permissions.  Only who you want can access to the data. Moreover you can manage your teams by using group folders.  Users are notified whenever you share something new.

LiveBox, share without limits

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