Hello everybody, we’ve reached the third appointment were we talk about LiveBox android app and her new style that took inspiration from the new Google’s style , Material Design.

In this article we will deal with the row scroll that as we have seen in last few episode it brings into the app a better usability and a more simple interface to do things.

Let’s start talking of the row scroll from were we began it, the “home” fragment. Here we have used it to give the user a fast “move” to use the most common option of the application in that fragment.

Let’s have a look at it:


Row Scroll on Home Fragment



As you can see, swiping from left to right on a single row it will appear the info option to let the user access directly to the info “page”, the action starts as soon as the row pass half of the view and in this case we can’t stop this action to be executed. In the case that we have to delete a file, so a more dangerous operation, we have to keep in mind that maybe the user have swiped it by mistake, that is why we ask a confirm to execute the operation. As shown in the picture we have to choice between “cancel”, to cancel the request,and “delete” to confirm the operation. In the case we press cancel it will start an animation to close the option and bring back the real row.

That’s how it generically work, but it can be customized to do what we want with it, as show in the following pictures.


Row Scroll on Wall Fragment




As you can see here we have customized the row scroll to show up to 6 various options, where the last button is used to close the row and restore the original row of the list.

All this “shortcut” that I’ve showed to you during this 3 article are targeted to give the final user a better UX and a simpler way to do the most used function of the application.

As you can see in all the screenshot viewed during the last articles the graphics implemented in the application as the target to match two graphic styles, the new Material Design (designed by Google and presented in the recent Google I/O) and the Flat Design (designed by Apple and shown for the first time with iOS 7).

LiveBox and Material Design part 3

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