livebox-scritta piuma

With LiveBox save, sync and share your data in a new way and enjoy your business!

LiveBox is a private file sharing software that allows you to store, share and edit files stored within the corporate data center offering a high level of security. This is a cross platform system which you can access with any device local and remote ones as well guaranteeing the continuity of the business and safeguarding data and business documents at any time.

With LiveBox all the informations are always available safely from smartphones, tablets, notebooks and PCs, and you can check the archives in a simple, intuitive and secure way, it is also possible to share data with colleagues and external users. LiveBox uses the enterprise infrastructure software and hardware, eliminating the need for external datacenters, notoriously uncontrollable and potentially dangerous for the security of corporate data; LiveBox simplifies the management of mobile devices and the back-up of local archives, helping reduce the costs for the corporate infrastructure administration. With LiveBox it is possible to delete the use of devices such as pen drives and portable hard drives that may compromise the security of corporate information if they are lost or stolen from employees using them. LiveBox is the platform that realizes the private cloud for every business and organization.

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