Positive enterprise trends emerge in cybersecurity

Although cybersecurity incidents are daily news, with reports of escalating impacts and costs that are sometimes measured in the billions, at least one survey has identified new reasons for optimism. According to the Global State of Information Security Survey 2016 from … Read More

Cloud adoption, times are changing

There is no doubt that cloud computing has now achieved mainstream deployment in the UK. Recent research from the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) found that some 78% of UK organisations have adopting at least one cloud based service, an increase … Read More

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Finance sectore and cloud adoption

Analysing cloud adoption across industry verticals, the banking and financial industry is as good a yardstick as any to assess progress due to its stringent data security requirements. A new report from CipherCloud shows financial firms have an increased confidence … Read More

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The Private Cloud for Fashion industry

The retail industry exemplifies the maxim, change is constant. Still, the approach of the industry towards emerging technology of cloud computing is somewhat baffling. Cloud computing, a paradigm shift after the client-server model break-through of the eighties, is starting to … Read More

Companies prefer Private Cloud

Employees at more than half (55%) of organisations use public file, sync and share (FSS) services. Yet almost three quarters (73%) said they were looking for or had implemented an alternative, according to a new report from CTERA. More than … Read More


LiveBox Revolution: we got a new home!

LiveBox changes and renews its look. Our website has been completely renewed in appearance and content. This happened because LiveBox is growing and decided to renew not only its graphical interface but to give the right space to its products, … Read More

Microsoft, announced Windows 10

After the disappointment of Windows 8, Microsoft has skipped 9 and announced its next OS will be Windows 10 — and it will have the Start button that Windows 8 dropped to the dismay of many. In an event in … Read More

C++11 and the nullptr keyword

Since C++11 was released, a lots of new big features has been presented to developers: lambda, async,auto and more. But there’s an interesting new keyword that will help you a lot a in strange situations: nullptr. Before C++11, the only way to … Read More

Objective C and C/C++

Consider the developing of a game: you’re writing your scene under the magic and wonderful C++ world but you really need to display the Game Center leaderboard (or the Google Play Games leaderboard): it’s the time to call a native … Read More