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    Travel & Asset Management

Dashboard and mobile app in one solution for your resources located worldwide.
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travel asset management

The unique platform for your company’s resources

Go by LiveBox is the solution in support of the company’s management handling the real-time analysis of the entire assets located worldwide.


Go provides the management of your resources’ business travels; the platform uses both manual and automatic input, through SAP and travel agencies, for a complete management and editing of travels and expat.

Chat & SOS

Real-time chat or group chat through the company’s control room and travelers, thanks to the mobile app of Go; moreover, with the app SOS function, the traveler can always send a request of help.


Thanks to special algorithms and web services, Go can receive news and alerts real-time that can match scheduled or active travels, notifying the traveler with an email and a push notification in the mobile app.

Go by LiveBox guarantees a concrete return of investments and an effective costs saving.

trasferte dipendenti

Documentations and Risk level

Upload, edit and share all the needed documentation to your resources worldwide, also available through the Go mobile app.

Law Decrees

Go is a solution supporting the management for their regulatory and administrative duties such as country and assets risks documentation.

Country Risk Level

We provide an external advisory partner to compose the country and asset risk documentation papers which can be also integrated by company’s parameters.

Geolocalization of your resources worldwide.

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