card based interface

Card based interfaces: The next trend

Mobile technologies are taking over the world. Smartphones and Tablets made us switch to responsive design to satisfy user needs. But the next big thing are card based interfaces. Let’s talk about card based interfaces: the next trend. Card based interfaces … Read More

best fonts for web design

Best fonts for Web Design

Previously i wrote about the graphic design trends in 2014, so i’ve decided to keep on talk about design trends. This time i’m going to showcase the best fonts for web design and how to use them.   The best fonts … Read More

user interface of livebox apps

User Interface of LiveBox apps

In this months i wrote about our iPhone and Android apps, and i already showed you the design improvements introduced by our new release. Today i’m going to talk about the User Interface brought to you by LiveBox 3.0. Let’s have a … Read More

Graphic design trends of 2014: a quick list

September is here and 2014 is largely gone. It’s time to talk about the design trends of this year and what we will see in the coming months. This list pretty much sums up the design trends that ruled visual … Read More

designing app different platforms

Designing an app for different platforms

Designing an app for different platforms: the multiple devices issue. I’m going to talk about designing an app for different platforms and solving the multi devices issue. Livebox app’s design will be used as an example. When designing an app you will … Read More

private cloud livebox file sharing icon design (3)

What’s new in LiveBox 3.0

The first UI improvement that you can find in the new LiveBox is the icon set. We worked hard to deal with the current usability standard, so we switched from solid icons to more light ones: Introducing the new hollow … Read More