Android Multifunction adapter part 4

A big hello to all the readers of the LiveBox blog, this is the last article in the Multifunction adapter series. In this article we will create an abstract multifunction adapter. We can use the adapter with different objects and also improve … Read More

Android Multifunction adapter part 3

In this article I will show you how to make a ListView like the ones used by gmail. In the previous articles we saw how to add a button and a checkbox in a ListView. A ListView with a scrollable row is a … Read More

Android Multifunctional adapter part 2

In the previous article we saw how to place a Button inside a ListView row. We created the MyClickListener class, that implements the OnClickListener interface and we created instances of our custom listener in the getView adapter method. Of course, in addition to … Read More

Android Multifunctional Adapter

Android Multifunctional Adapter

Android Multifunctional Adapter In my article I’ll show you how to build an adapter able to perform multiple actions: 1. Insert Button in a Row. 2. Insert Checkbox in a Row with multiselection 3. Create scrollable Row like the Gmail … Read More