A closer look at Vanilla JS

A closer look at Vanilla JS

In a previous article I wrote about some of the advantages of using the native javascript language, often referred to as Vanilla JS. Vanilla is a term used in many computing-related topics when a software is used in its original … Read More


jQuery best practices and performance tricks

Working on the LiveBox WebApp allowed me to explore many issues related to code optimization and mobile devices performance limits. Despite having studied how the different Layout Engines manage JavaScript instructions, DOM traversal and memory data representation, I learnt that the simplest … Read More

Vanilla JS native javascript framework

Vanilla, the dear old javascript flavour

Vanilla the dear old javascript flavour Since the arrival of Web 2.0 and then Web Applications, increasingly complex frameworks have sprouted under Web sites, social networks, forums, chats and wikis. Angular, Dojo, jQuery, MooTools and Prototype are the best-known javascript-based … Read More

LiveBox 3.0 Web Portal

LiveBox 3.0, a quick overview

LiveBox 3.0, a quick overview. It’s time to have a look to what’s new in the latest LiveBox release, the 3.0 version. The new icon set and the UI improvements are no doubt the major topic. First of all we … Read MoreRead More