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Hybrid cloud: discover more

To understand hybrid cloud, it is important to understand the basics of cloud computing services, its models – software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) – and deployment methods – private, … Read More

Iranians hacked into New York dam

Iranian hackers penetrated the computers controlling a dam near New York, reveals the Wall Street Journal. The 2013 attack did no damage but revealed information about how computers running the flood control system worked, said the paper. Hackers working for … Read More


Government spies Twitter users

Twitter is warning some users that they may be the target of security breaches by “state-sponsored actors.” The microblogging service sent emails to an unknown number of users warning that hackers may be trying to obtain phone numbers, email addresses … Read More

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US, alert after ModPos malware warning

Security experts are warning of a major new sophisticated POS malware framework which could wreak havoc among US retailers as they head into the busy Black Friday shopping period. The so-called “ModPos” malware has already been targeted at US retailers … Read More


Positive enterprise trends emerge in cybersecurity

Although cybersecurity incidents are daily news, with reports of escalating impacts and costs that are sometimes measured in the billions, at least one survey has identified new reasons for optimism. According to the Global State of Information Security Survey 2016 from … Read More

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Android users warned of trojanized adware

Security researchers are warning of a new epidemic of 20,000 repackaged apps injected with trojanized Android adware designed to root users’ smartphones. Lookout Security claimed that some of the most popular apps on Google Play including Facebook, Okta, Twitter and WhatsApp … Read More

Seoul and the war against cyberattacks

South Korea is arming itself against potential threats from the North in a vulnerable new frontier — cyberspace. The country’s National Intelligence Service, along with its defence ministry, held a competition to identify computer wizards who can unearth and fend … Read More

Dridex malware used to raid bank accounts

Criminal gangs are using a new piece of harmful malware called Dridex to steal bank account details from both individuals and businesses, the National Crime Agency is warning. It’s been used to steal an estimated £20 million in the UK … Read More

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US privacy protections are inadequate

Europe’s highest court today ruled that Facebook cannot send personal information on European users to data centers in the US, invalidating a 15-year trans-Atlantic data transfer agreement. In a decision that could have far-reaching implications for many US tech companies, … Read More